Bulgandry Engravings, Brisbane Waters National Park

Today we took the kids to see the Bulgandry Aboriginal engravings site at Brisbane Waters National Park near Kariong NSW. It was an 800m return walk so it was a perfect short bushwalk for the kids.

We had driven past the entrance many times on the way to Umina beach and playground so it was awesome to stop and check it out. The site was encircled by boardwalk to try to keep people from walking over the surface. The kids loved exploring the bush (wattle is blooming) and my youngest shouted out whenever we saw a new shape on the flat sandstone canvas. The scene depicted was apparently a hunting scene and we saw wallabies, fish, Dolphins (or large fish) and two human figures, one of which was Bulgandry man in a ceremonial headdress. We also found a leaf that looked like a bird🙂

A short and very enjoyable walk with quite a nice view over the national park. It’s a shame really that more Sydney-siders are not aware of this place but it is probably for the best in order to protect it for the future. After the walk, we carried on driving until we hit the awesome playground at Umina beach. For anyone driving up the central coast with kids I recommend both stops!


6 thoughts on “Bulgandry Engravings, Brisbane Waters National Park

  1. What a fantastic place! Great photos of the drawings, the wattle and I loved the bird-leaf too. I don’t think it’s ever too early to introduce kids to nature or history. Both my daughters loved visiting ancient sites here in Britain when they were little.

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