Woodcourt Firetrail: 30 days to overnight hiking challenge 

One of the tasks this week for the 30 day to overnight hiking challenge was to complete a 1 hour urban walk with the aim of improving fitness. Most these would be true urban walks but this week I decided to do a half firetrail, half roadwalk that I think was pretty enough to share.

The joy of living in Berowra, NSW is that we are right next to a national park with easy access to firetrails and walking tracks (the downside of which is bushfires…). So I pulled out my Maps3D app and found a loop that included the Woodcourt firetrail.

It was lovely. The weather was cool and it rained lightly. I saw tadpoles in the puddles on the track and heard frogs nearby. Heard lots of little tweets from the trees but didn’t see any birds.

The track had some decent ups and downs and there was the occasional footpad leading off into the bushes- an adventure for another time perhaps! The highlight was crossing an amazing rock platform, pictured below.

I’m definitely out of shape. Unlike some I tend to hibernate in summer due to the heat. I sweated and I wobbled on what was a very simple walk. I need to fix that. Hence this challenge!

Emerging on to the road I noticed that most houses had lovely views and 4WD’s and boats or campers. These folk live with the bush and nature and prefer to holiday there as well. I live in the right spot.

Pictures below. Thanks to all those who have provided advice to me on my previous post. I shared some of it with the challenge group. Much appreciated and very useful!

Rock platform
Maps3D track. (Does not start at my home for privacy)

Terrain. Note: Jeans are not good bushwalking attire!
Track or creek? It’s a track but the tadpoles say otherwise!

Ah ha, Ah ho, Where does it go?



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