Berowra Burn Zone and the Blue Ridge Trail

(I’m walking for charity to raise funds for OneSight! 106/100km done!)

I set out with a very loose plan of where I would walk and ended up finding a new trail! I was kid-free for a few hours so I decided to check out the back burning scars from the burn that took place a few hundred meters from my home not long ago.

The fire trail was now open so I walked along snapping some pictures, hoping to find a way thru the cleared areas to new vantage points. That didn’t really happen as I was worried about stepping on new growth! I did find a way over mainly by rocks to a vantage point but the view was still filtered by trees so I returned to the path. I saw some fresh green sprouts and some opened seed pods. All this place needed was a little rain and it there would be green poking out everywhere! Everything was dry and crispy though and it made me worry about the upcoming bushfire season. Thank goodness our local fire fighters conducted this burn!

Another reason for being careful where I tread was snakes! The heat and the burn has caused a flurry of snake spotting post on the community Facebook site so I was being extra vigilant but fortunately I had none join me on the trail today!

I walked from cliffview rd which has a lovely bush section that my kids love visiting and exploring. Then I carried on along the Wideview trail, a personal favourite.

I ventured off the path a little to explore the cliffs. My daughter and I found a route up those cliffs once – I love it when she demands to go out rock climbing!

Somewhere along here I remembered a Facebook post that discussed a trail leading over some wide rock platforms. I checked the map and figured out my route. I could walk down the back of some houses and start climbing!

The route connecting the Wideview firetrail to the woodcourt firetrail was a fire buffer area that ran beside some houses. There was a little creek here with lilies growing and I sat for a while and watched a lyrebird go about it’s business.

I didn’t take the woodcourt trail, instead I climbed! Well, there was a faint trail zigzagging it’s way up the hill so I followed that for a bit. I soon intersected a more substantial trail and realised that it would have provided an easier way up if I had found where it had started. I soon reached the top of the ridge and was created by some wonderful views! I followed the trail over some wide rock platforms and I left the trail frequently to explore them. I was hoping to find some aboriginal engravings as the rocks were a perfect canvas but alas I found none. Still, it was beautiful up here!

The trail climbed steeply and emerged at the top of Blue Ridge Crescent so, knowing no better, I named it The Blue Ridge Trail!

In all it was a lovely way to spend a slow paced couple of hours. I really took my time to enjoy it and explore the area well. I really needed that after the long walk that I did last week around Sydney. I think one of my next goals is to walk and take a book and just relax in a pretty spot for a while with no transport deadlines or distance goals or impending sunsets to force me along. Hold me to it!



5 thoughts on “Berowra Burn Zone and the Blue Ridge Trail

    1. Yes it is to protect the housing by reducing the fuel load. It is incredibly dry out there and a bit scary to have bushes practically crumble on touch. Going to be a bad year for fires but at least my area is a little more prepared. They have limits on how frequent it can be done to protect the wildlife and plant. Each area has a plan of management that defines the limits.

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