Hiking 2017: A year of challenges

I’ve decided to write a year in review, as I’m itching to get out on a long walk but know that there is simply no time with all the upcoming festivities filling the days.

2017 was a year of challenges. In April I participated in Caro Ryan’s “30 days to overnight hiking challenge,” which enabled my first overnighter on the Great North Walk. Then around September I joined OneSight’s GO2020 initiative, walking to raise money for an eye care charity. This merged into an international challenge called Ready Set See and I ended up raising the most money out of all of the Australian participants! I just want to say a big thank you to all who donated, shared and otherwise offered support. It meant a lot to me and the money has made a difference to some peoples lives.

Both of these challenges allowed me to connect online with new people and I quite enjoyed it. I think 2018 will have me heading out on some non-solo hikes, maybe joining a club? My main mode will still be solo though, I love being in control of my own time and pace.

These challenges also pushed me to explore my local area and I have found so many new and exiting trails and lookouts that I now think I live in the most beautiful place in Australia!

In 2018, I need to finish off the Great North Walk, something I was never in a hurry to finish but it is now leaving daywalk territory to become a multi day hike, at least as far as a solo hiker is concerned. Really hard to arrange transport to the more remote spots. I’d also like to experience some snow on a hike. I purchased some Yaktrax from Wild Earth on a whim so I think I definitely need to scratch that itch this year!

I would also like to head into new territory, not sure where though. There are a lot of smaller walks that I head out on that never make it to my blog as they are usually with my children but I always snap a few photo’s to share on instagram or facebook. I’ll wrap this up some of my favourite pictures including from my instagram account www.instagram.com/solo_hiker. Have a happy and safe New Year!

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16 thoughts on “Hiking 2017: A year of challenges

  1. Thanks for posting this year! I really enjoyed reading your updates. Can’t wait to hear more about the GNW. You’re heading to the sections I’ve been most interested in, being closer to home, but for similar reasons (having to do overnighter’s/multi-day) haven’t had a chance to visit yet. All the best!

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  2. Although I’ve been rather busy over the last four months, I still I love reading about your adventures Nathan. Keep it up. I look forward to hearing about the rest of the Great North Walk.

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