Taking the side trail

Last year whilst out exploring the fire trails of Berowra I noticed a side trail leading off into the bush. It wasn’t in my plan to go off the main track that day so I noted it for the future. This morning I was itching for a walk and my daughter jumped at the chance to go exploring!

We drove to the Woodcourt firetrail entrance and headed off. The side trail was easy to find. I’d sat at another vantage point last month and wondered how I would get to a small spur I could see in the distance when I connected the dots and realised that this was where my trail would take me.

Almost immediately we came upon a rocky surface and saw that someone had been building a fort! My daughter loved it!

She spotted a pretty spot in the middle of a burn zone where the trees were fresh with greenery so we had to bush bash through to investigate. It was quite a peaceful spot.

After a while we found ourselves on a rocky ledge and had a fantastic view all around us of the cliffs in the distance and of the ridge line we were standing on.


We saw a trail of sorts leading down the gully to the creek and we said we’d come back one day to check it out.

The vegetation became denser and we used our poles to push through. We found ourselves on a flat rocky area and my daughter went off and photographed the unusual ants she saw (had white butts).

Just then, the trail ran out! We tried a couple of routes but they were likely just roo or brush turkey trails as they led nowhere. I checked the map and noticed we were only twenty meters from the main trail so we could bush bash through if we wanted. I then spotted a blue structure through the trees and realised it was an old spray-painted pipe that I had spotted next to the trail last year. So we headed for that, pushing through the burnt trees and becoming rather black in the process!

The pipe was very interesting to my daughter, so we checked it out before rejoining the main firetrail.

I’m so glad I finally got to explore this little side trail! It was an awesome little walk and I’m always thrilled to take my little girl on an adventure!

I’m doing the 12 Hike Challenge but I’ve already claimed my first month hike so this is a bonus hike! One of many I hope! I’m thrilled that so many people have taken the challenge on! Why not have a go too?

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7 thoughts on “Taking the side trail

    1. We have some fantastic adventures! She wants to climb a mountain with me! I know it’s not the mountain she’s looking for though, just time with Dad. She does get as enthusiastic as me though about a new bug or tree or seed pod or rock. I’m glad I took up this hobby- it’s a great way to build memories!


    1. I would avoid summer. Most folks will do the Great north Walk which is quite steep. Folks often get rescued in summer due to dehydration or heat exhaustion. I’ve only been heading out for short walks early in the morning before the heat kicks in. Plus the risk of bushfire is greater.
      August usually sees back burning operations so best to check for that before heading out.
      Any other time is lovely!


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