The Goods Line

There is a nice little walk in the City of Sydney suitable for children. It follows the path of an old goods line that once connected Sydney train yard with Darling Harbour and the Sydney to Parramatta train line. Today, “The Goods Line” features relics of the old railway including old tracks and switches and culverts. There is a water play area that children can play on that is constructed from old railway building bricks. There is also street furniture in the form of table tennis tables and some gym equipment.

It is only a 500m or so walk but the kids really enjoyed it. Best of all, the line ends at the awesome Powerhouse Museum, making a fabulous day out.

I love finding little urban heritage walks for the kids as it shows that city planners are truly thinking about the environment we are living in and are properly considering the heritage of an area.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a fairground! It’s a short walk with a couple of things to interest the kids on the way to the museum and your, and their, enjoyment of it would really depend on how you engaged with the environment. But if you read the informative signs and let the kids have free play I’m sure you’ll find it is a fun way to get from A to B.

Lots of pictures below.


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