The Hidden Engraving with a Blue Tongue Guard

Just a quick post. I followed some leads that I had from my recent research into the locations of aboriginal engravings and managed to find one well hidden in the bush.

I did a bit of bush bashing and followed some footpads to a flat sloping Rock. I almost walked past it as it was so indistinct, but after looking at it from a certain angle all the shadows lined up to highlight its shape. I was thrilled! Pictures below. I don’t know what it actually is- any thoughts? I’m thinking a blue tongue lizard… I say that as the area was guarded by the biggest blue tongue lizard I’ve ever seen! It could possibly be a frog? There were some water filled hollows in the rocks and small (dry) creeks where frogs may be found.

It could be a spirit or a warrior figure or a lace monitor or perhaps a sugar glider? What do you think? I wish I knew more about this subject, this part of Australia’s history. I’m only just scratching the surface and realise every time I find out something new, that I actually know nothing at all. Baby steps.

Note: I won’t share the precise location of this one to protect it.


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