Mt Ku-ring-gai Aboriginal Area

Like many locals, I’ve driven past this spot a thousand times but never stopped. Today, I realised I had hours to spare and six year old begging for an adventure!

The spot was sandwiched between the Pacific Highway and the M2 Motorway and had almost been destroyed during the construction of the latter. I pulled over carefully, well aware I wasn’t driving a 4WD as I negotiated a small drop off the edge of the road. I found a spot to park that didn’t destroy my car and found a small track heading into a tiny patch of rocky bushland.

We clambered up onto the rocks and saw a mundoe – which is a spirit footprint. Then we saw a male and female figure with a boomerang. I think this represents Baiame and his wife. We explored the area trying not to step on anything and found lots of mundoes. In a drawing in Nathan Tilbury’s book “Man made the city but god made the bush” I saw there was another wife on the other side of Baiame but was almost impossible to see in the light that I had. The mundoes seemed to lead to Baiame so they were likely his prints as the book suggested.

It’s astonishing to think that this site was to be destroyed to make the road. I always wonder how much has been lost to development over the years. I’m glad I took the time to visit. My son liked the little adventure so much that we had to go on a bush geocache hunt straight after!

Photos below.

Baiame’s wife
Baiame’s Hand
Two mundoes (spirit footprints)
Mundoe- likely Baiame’s


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