Pick a spot on a map and go! Bushbashing Berowra’s Washtub Gully.

YouTube clip: Washtub Gully Waterfall

Oh I’ve had fun this week!

First my 7 year old son says “let’s go for a bushwalk”! I didn’t have a car that day so it had to be close by. We looked at the satellite map and found a rocky outcrop not too far away and said “let’s go there!”.

It was a short walk and there was a footpad of sorts to follow and we were greeted with a lovely view from the cliff top.

The next day I had the whole day to myself. I thought back to a walk I saw posted on the local community page describing a bushbash along the floor of washtub gully in Berowra.It mentioned a waterfall. So I again looked at the satellite map and my other apps and found a spot that dropped off quickly from a rocky surface just ahead of a lush green line at the base of the gully. I saw an easy route in by walking along the Great North Walk then turn right before the rock walls. Easy! So off I went!

This section of the Great North Walk was very familiar to me so I stormed through it in no time. The rock walls appeared and I veered off, heading down and forward along the gully. I followed whatever natural paths there were and bashed through where the paths ran out. I could hear the water flowing so I headed for the sound. I no time I was at the waterfall in the very spot I had planned to reach! I was quite proud of myself! It wasn’t much of a waterfall but it was peaceful and had a pool at the bottom and rock overhangs surrounding it so there was lots to check out.

I explored the cave and the pool and then decided to try to make my way further along the gully floor to reach the engravings and a larger waterfall at the end of the gully. The going was very slow however and the ground was hard to see through the thick mat of wet ferns that Lay underfoot and I was forced to turn around. I could have just tromped through the water I suppose but I don’t trust myself to not slip. I was happy with the days achievement so I turned around and made my way back to the waterfall.

I climbed over a log and the ground suddenly gave way under my left leg and it slipped down a hole up to my knees. That was unexpected but I wasn’t hurt so I carried on, testing the ground ahead a little more thoroughly until I was away from the soggy, tree litter covered waters edge.

I climbed up the side of the gully following roughly the same way I had come down. I saw a familiar cliff top ahead so headed directly for it. I then worked my way along a magnificent sandstone rock face until I found my way back onto the main trail.

I was quite pleased with this walk. Being able to interpret maps and images to find interesting spots is very satisfying! On the way back I popped in to see my local engraving site. I had a fun couple of days!

I made a YouTube clip- just me rambling to myself but you do get to see a bit of bush bashing Washtub Gully Waterfall

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Pick a spot on a map and go! Bushbashing Berowra’s Washtub Gully.

  1. How lovey that your boy wants to go for bushwalks too. I haven’t yet found the rock engravings near Westleigh.

    I like how in the last image, the map calls it the Washtug Creek. What’s a consonant!


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