Somersby Falls

This was an awesome walk to do with the kids only an hour or so out from Sydney! There are three levels to the waterfall so you don’t need to do the full 400m walk from top to bottom and there is an area for the kids to paddle in safely.

We, of course, had to do the whole thing! It had rained overnight so the falls were pumping, though I was surprised there were so many visitors. We had to park up the road and walk down and there was a steady stream of people on the track.

The first level was the very top of the falls and it was tempting to walk out and have a splash – but no one else was doing it so we started descending to the next level.

The second level was very impressive! A huge waterfall with a shallow area to play in- perfect for kids! But it was packed with people so we decided to head down to the bottom.

At the third level the path was covered with flowing water so we went barefoot and had a play in the water. There was an amazing tree jutting out of the waterfall and we snapped some pictures and explored a little.

We decided to walk back up to the mid level and walk in the water. My kids spotted tadpoles so we spent the rest of our time there trying to catch them! We then returned to the top level and ate our picnic on a bench.

It was quite a fun day and we are sure to return as there was much to explore. My daughter seemed to love it as there was no bush bashing and was just pure messy fun. My son loved the tadpoles. I think next time we will get there really early or really late on a warm summers day to beat the crowds and cool off. Well worth it.


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