2021 Hiking Plans

Do I dare plan any hikes for 2021? Bushfire and covid19 have affected the last two years. Bah! I’m not going to plan to sit around! So here are my ideas for 2021.

1. Warrumbungle National Park Grand High Tops Track. This should offer some fantastic views in a geologically interesting part of New South Wales.

Grand High Tops Track. Image from Gaia app

2. Newnes Industrial Ruins. A bit of abandoned mining history that has taken my interest.

Credit: nationalparks.nsw.gov.au

3. Mt Kosciouzko with my daughter! I’m determined to head out in an overnighter with her and I think she would feel a great sense of achievement by conquering the tallest peak in Australia. A back up location would be Mount Wondabyne.


4. 5 Lands Walk at Terrigal NSW. I’ve experienced a lot of aboriginal historical sites so it would be nice to experience a bit of contemporary aboriginal culture. It’s hard to find a suitable walk but this looks to fit the bill quite nicely. https://www.5landswalk.com.au

5. Marramarra National Park. This is a huge national park not far from where I live. I’d like to do a walk here, any walk really.

6. Volunteer. I think it’s time I did some volunteer work in the national parks. Covid19 is currently affecting some of these activities. I’ll keep an eye out for the cooler months for an opportunity.

7. Anna Bay to Nelson Bay. This would complete my walk northward for now, providing a nice natural end to an extended Great North Walk.

Federation Track North. Image from Gaia app

8. Barrington Tops. I need to research the best walk for me but there seems to be lots to choose from with lovely views and waterfalls.

Those would be very interesting walks to complete (disasters permitting) and I’m sure I’ll come up with more! I’ll of course change plans where needed but I find that if I put some ideas down at the start of the year then it gives me something to work toward and focusses my research of the areas. I want a bit of a challenge and I’d like a couple of overnighters too if possible. Let’s see what 2021 allows!


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