The Skillion, Terrigal NSW

This was an awesome little walk with the kids. Less than 2km in total but with very rewarding views throughout.

We decided to head out for a family day at the beach and decided to head up to Terrigal Beach on the Central Coast, north of Sydney. Of course, I started scouring my maps for walks! Fortunately, Terrigal has an awesome little family walk not far from the main beach.

The Skillion is a sharply ascending cliff with a walkway to a lookout. At the base of the cliff are wide rock platforms that many people were exploring. The walk continues across to adjacent cliffs with more viewpoints.

We decided to tackle the Skillion first and it proved to be an excellent move as the hardest climb was tackled first. There was a trig point at the top and the views were spectacular. The kids loved running down the hill afterwards and I can imagine some rolling down it when it’s dry! The rest of the walk was simple as it was basically the route back to the beach. I thought the best view was actually looking back at the Skillion and seeing it in all its glory. From the other vantage points there were more rock platforms visible with lots of people on them. We didn’t venture out though as we just wanted ice cream and a beach! There are lots of pictures below.

This was a short but very satisfying walk, very easy to do with the kids and extremely rewarding. Terrigal itself is a lovely place with many restaurants and cafes so we will likely be back many times.


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