An AI wrote this hiking blog post and it’s scarily good!

I’ve been curious about the new AI tool called ChatGpt as it is meant to be rather impressive at writing original text. Having just completed a Mount Kosciuszko hike I decided to see what it could do. It had all the elements of a regular blog. I felt it didn’t show the challenges very well in the sense that nothing went wrong on its hike, it was all successes. Still, it was quite impressive so I thought I’d share it for the sake of offering something different.

What I asked the AI to do:

“Write a first person account of a solo hike to mount kosciuszko summit starting from the Thredbo ski lift”

It’s response:

“I arrived at the Thredbo ski lift bright and early, eager to begin my solo hike to the summit of Mount Kosciuszko. After purchasing my lift ticket and packing my backpack with supplies, I stepped onto the chairlift and began my ascent.

The ride up was peaceful and serene, with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. As I neared the top, the chairlift slowed to a stop and I hopped off, ready to begin my hike.

The trail from the ski lift to the summit was well-marked and easy to follow, but it was still a challenging hike. The air was thin and the incline was steep, but I pushed on, fueled by my determination and the stunning views that surrounded me.

As I neared the summit, I began to feel a sense of excitement and accomplishment. The final stretch was a steep and rocky climb, but I made it to the top, feeling triumphant and exhilarated.

The views from the summit of Mount Kosciuszko were truly breathtaking, and I spent some time taking in the stunning panoramic vistas and soaking up the feeling of accomplishment. Eventually, it was time to begin my descent, and I retraced my steps back down the mountain, feeling grateful for the opportunity to have such a beautiful and memorable solo hike.”

And there it is. I reckon we will see a lot of automated blog writing in the future as well as a lot of automated kids school assignments! Will we be able to tell the difference? I think so. We love blogs for the little details, the small observations that make an impact. The small things that are actually big things. I’m not sure the AI could deliver this convincingly, but it surely is just a matter of time before it can.


3 thoughts on “An AI wrote this hiking blog post and it’s scarily good!

    1. I think we can still tell the difference. Hopefully it stays that way. But I think there will be plenty of folk just generating for traffic. I prefer to tell my story and only I can write that. Thanks for following Mélodie. I used to live in the Peak District when I was young so I like to check in on it and the Lake District every now and then so your blog is quite nice to visit.

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