I’m ready

Tomorrow I leave for Guthega. A long drive awaits followed by a two and a half hour first day walk which will mark the beginning of my first multi day solo challenge. I will be walking the Kosciuszko National park  Main range circuit from Guthega. It’s a three night four day walk that will take up several mountains including the tallest mountain in Australia Mt Kosciuszko! Granted it is a very easy mountain to climb compared to most other mountains but it is meant to be spectacular. The walk is described on the wildwalks website below:

Click to access nsw-kosciunp-mrcfg.pdf

My gear:

Under that poorly fitting Kathmandu raincover is a beautiful Osprey Exos 48 pack that is just an absolute dream to carry.

My gear laid out. Ignore the quilt..

Breakfast- one extra just in case

Lunch:Tortillas, dry coleslaw mix, falafels- hoping the mountain cold will preserve it long enough to eat

Dinner: freeze dried meal for two. I figured I’d be hungry at the end of the day. I have a small sample size chicken curry too that will be a backup meal.

Homemade trail mix: nuts, frugos and mm’s. Individually bagged by day.

The essentials: green tea, coffee satchets, and a choccy. One bag per day.

I’ll review my gear after the trek. There’s a Big Agnes copper spur 2 rent in there as well as an exped summit ul7 sleeping may. I have an old 800g high loft -5degree one planet sleeping back that I used previously on the Inca trail. I have a steripen- even though the water is about as pristine as you can get , I’m expecting the easter visitors to have taken their toll so will sterilise all water. I have a 2l camelbak bladder and will be carrying a 800ml bottle.

I’m not expecting to live blog from the field as there is inconsistent reception and I’m going to preserve battery life to talk to my wife. And I’m out there to enjoy the walk not look at my phone! But I promise to post as soon as I can so you can all enjoy the journey with me.

I’m really looking forward to this – now if only I can get some sleep tonight….


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