Gear List for Solo Hiking 2017

Every self respecting hiking blog seems to have an overnight gear list so, to ensure my blog maintains it’s self respect, here’s mine! (You watch, I’ll be doing a dehydrated food post next if I keep this up!)

I have three motivations for posting this list: 1) It can help my readers with gear choices. 2) It will be interesting to look back in a few years time to see what has changed and why. 3) I’ll be using a couple of affiliate links. If you click through to purchase from the sites I will receive a commission that I will use to pay for this blogs upkeep (at no extra charge to you). Thank you in advance 🙂

The gear choice was motivated by weight and function. I didn’t want to carry extra weight if a lighter version did exactly the same thing. I think I have also found a sweet spot between value for money and weight. I purchased everything on sale.


Osprey Exos 48 I love everything about this pack. I research heavily, watched videos on YouTube of people reviewing packs, tried on quite a few, almost went with another pack but one tiny feature pushed this pack to the top of the list. It has an on the go hiking pole storage system that is simple to use and highly effective. There are times when hiking that you find yourself just carrying the poles rather than using them. No more!

I also like the mesh back structure that stops sweaty back syndrome and the pack is extremely comfortable when worn with lots of options to adjust. It also has some very well placed pockets on the hip belt and straps. The top compartment is detachable, though I usually leave it on. Most of all it weighs only 1.13kg! It can be even lighter if you remove the top compartment.


Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 (link takes you to the latest HV version). It weighs 1.4kg, is easy to set up and take down, has two vestibules, and is extremely roomy. I chose the 2 person version simply because I like a bit of room but there is heaps of room so I think I could have gotten away with the 1 person version and still been extremely happy. Note that I pack the poles and tent separately to improve packing efficiency but also to ensure the poles don’t poke through some other peice of gear.

Sleeping Mat

Exped Synmat UL7. Light (~450g) , low packed volume, easy to inflate after a long day of walking. Comfy. Not crinkly. The only issue I have had is when the deflation value popped open. I mustn’t have closed it correctly as I’ve not had an issue since. Thought I’d popped it! Fantastic purchase.

Hiking Poles MSR surelock system. Lightweight and tough and only cost $99 at the time.

Sleeping bag: This is an old One Planet mummy design, 850g. Love it though way too warm for summer.

Sea to Summit Pillow: love this! It is a little inflatable pillow that is extremely comfy. I under inflate a bit so I sink into it.

Hydration bladder: I have a Camelbak 2l hydration bladder. The link is to the current version available.

First aid kit: AMK ultralight waterproof Medical kit 113g. Really good though it is clear I need lessons on how to use all the bits correctly. Want to take a wilderness first aid course at some point.

Stove System: Optimus Cruz lite with saucepan set, also a Firesteel lighter

Water treatment: Steripen, Sawyer Mini, Platypus collapsible bottle . I’m finding that I want to filter bits out using the Saywer first then I’ll either boil or steripen the water to be sure!
Kathmandu headlamp & Compass.

Sea to Summit folding trowel. I really love this! I can store things in the handle and it folds away to be very compact.

Footwear: North Face Hedgehogs. Perfectly suit my foot. I also have some mid height Kathmandu’s but they generate blisters so I think I’ll retire them.

Clothes: I’ll keep this basic. Long sleeve wicking active wear top from Kmart. Quick dry hiking pants from Kathmandu. A fleece and Monrovia jacket from Kathmandu. Beanie. Cap. Have thick Aldi hiking socks but have recently purchased some light hiking socks from Mac PAC with venting in all the right places. I have also been sent some merino trail socks to test out by Wilderness Wear. They are currently keeping my toes very warm in this cold weather and I can’t wait to try them out on the trail. Thank you wilderness wear! Great way to market product!

Other bits and bobs: iPhone with lifecase, solar battery charger from Kathmandu, charging cord, pen knife, ziplock bags, toilet roll, suncream, stop itch, deodorant stick, ibuprofen, knife, fork, spoon (all metal so they don’t break), light waterproof bag for clothes. Maps. I occasionally take a silk liner and binoculars. I hire a PLB from Katoomba or Jindabyne and will invest in my own soon.

What do I want? A pot scraper (seriously!), puffer jacket (just picked one up in the Kathmandu sales!). I need to look into gaiters but am not yet ready to commit to the look.

I really want there to be more weekends in a year!

In general I am walking with 11-12kg including food and water. I store all of my main gear in a set or draws that I have taken over in the spare room. This helps me to ensure I don’t forget anything as all the bits and bobs are in the one section. I hope this list was interesting, if not useful. Feel free to comment and let me know of any changes you recommend. I usually don’t walk in summer so some summer hunts would be very handy.

Now, where to walk next ?



9 thoughts on “Gear List for Solo Hiking 2017

  1. Nice list! I love my Copper Spur 2! Even though I only use it for one person, It is nice to have the extra room so you can put your pack inside of the tent if you want to, and also, so that you have a little room to the side of your sleeping pad to put stuff in case you need it at night, or so that you have some room off your pad to maneuver or change clothes.

    I was able to click your links, but I wanted to let you know that the .gif is broken.

    Happy Hiking!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I do like the room in that tent. I did get it to have some space but to also take my wife along every now and then( hasn’t happened yet!).
      Thanks for letting me know about the broken bit- I can’t seem to find it- which bit of the writing is it near? It could possibly be the “related posts” bit at the bottom that WordPress generates.


      1. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get back with you. I didn’t know you had replied until I signed in today.

        The broken .gifs are at the end, after this sentence: “These are the affiliates that I am currently using on my site to generate revenue:” It’s possible you can see them because they are in your ‘cache’. I still can’t see them. I can still click through to the affiliate link, but I don’t know how many other people might do it if the .gifs are broken. (i.e. the pictures don’t show.

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      1. Ha! I only use them when I know there will be really wet, long grass and in those conditions there aren’t many people about. 😉
        Also great for keeping stones out of your shoes. As for snakes…I can’t even imagine. *shudder*

        Liked by 1 person

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