My first charity hikes! Walks in the Wild 4 OneSight!

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I’m itching to get out and do some walking and I’ve been inspired of late by the many charity walkers circling Australia and I’d like to do something as meaningful myself. I can’t devote six months to a thru hike so I needed a goal that was realistic but bold. An email popped up at work telling me about a wonderful initiative by Onesight, a charity I have previously volunteered with, to “help the world see” by asking Australians to collectively “run, bike, swim, walk or move your way toward the big goal of reaching 2020 (times 10) kilometers by October 12, 2017.” (20,200 kilometres is the total goal).
From the website, “OneSight is the leading global organisation focused on bringing both sustainable and urgent vision care solutions to the communities around the world who need them most.”

I have personally volunteered at a onesight clinic that visited a disadvantaged school, giving eye tests to the children and I can personally say that the experience was not only enriching but also really needed by the children involved. Some had severe vision difficulties that would have meant they couldn’t see the chalkboard. By being tested, diagnosed and receiving their corrective glasses, They now had a chance of succeeding in school.

This is a charity who’s work is making a difference so I am delighted to have the opportunity to help raise funds in the go2020 initiative.

So… I’ve decided to commit to hiking 100km in my spare weekends between now and 15th October and to blog about every step!

If you have enjoyed my blog or my instagram photos (@solo_hiker) then please consider donating by clicking the link below. I will write a blog post about each hike and update you on the progress of the fundraiser along the way.  I’m hoping that the power of social media will make a difference! Thank you all in advance!

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