Exploring Turner’s trails: Walks in the wild 4 OneSight!

Walks in the Wild for OneSight 34/100km complete! Please support by clicking here.

You know when you are sitting on the couch and it wouldn’t take much to get you up and out but it seems like a huge effort? Well today I was glad I got up as I went on a extraordinary little cliff top walkalong some little trails that fed off from the Turner Rd fire trail in Berowra NSW. There is still so much to discover in this area and I’m thrilled to have found a new favourite walk!

I’ll let the pictures tell this story, except to say that if you love wildflowers, now is the time to get out! The warm weather has caused a bloom and it is astonishing to be out amongst it right now!

A small bush bash led to the first rewarding views!
The trail opened up to reveal these cliff top views
I call it “Iguana Rock”
The trail turned to provide yet another stunning vista!
Huge rocks ripe for exploring led to this amazing vantage point!
Wildflowers along the trail stopped me in my tracks. They were breathtaking!
A very rewarding stroll

I’m walking to raise funds for OneSight to provide eye care for kids and others in disadvantaged areas. Please donate, I’d love to see a surge of $1 donations from my readers. Every little bit counts and it is headed somewhere worthwhile. Click here. Thank you in advance!

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7 thoughts on “Exploring Turner’s trails: Walks in the wild 4 OneSight!

  1. Thanks for this. Recently I had a fall which stopped me walking and reduced my muscle tone. Each day I have been rehabilitating and building up strength. I find it has become easier to think I can’t do it – but your fabulous photos have inspired me. Out in the crisp sunny air I will go as soon as this comment is sent.

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    1. I’m m sorry to here that but I’m glad to hear you are recovering. Take it easy the first times please and stop and take in the wildflowers! It’s lovely out there !
      Let us know how you go!


    1. Over the next six weeks or so they will have bloomed all over the area so I can’t wait to see the changes! It’s a very lovely time of year over here. I’m going to try to get out into the bush once a week and I’ll be sure to share what I find!

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