Exploring Turner’s trails part 2: Walks in the Wild 4 OneSight 

Walks in the Wild for OneSight 42/100km complete! Please support by clicking here.

Today I was able to find a few hours to head out and explore the rest of the trails that joined the Turner Rd firetrail. After last weeks fantastic walk I was hoping for more of the same and I wasn’t disappointed!

Instead of road walking to the start of the trail I decided to walk along the Woodcourt firetrail which joined up with Turner. As this walk was all about exploring I made sure I popped down as many little side trails on Woodcourt as I could. I climbed rocks to get a better view and found hidden rock platforms off the main track. A few pics are here. I must say that I was on the lookout for snakes as the local community Facebook page had shown a few nasty ones about so I was watching where I put my feet very closely! No snakes today though.

Once I was on the Turner Rd firetrail I headed straight up until I saw the first little side trail to explore. I was on my map so I followed it. Soon I found a trail that wasn’t on my map and, in the spirit of adventure, I took it to see where it lead. I soon realised it was running mostly parallel to the marked trail. There was a small trail that led downhill but I didn’t want to end up at the bottom of the valley so I left that for another time. I did pop up onto some rocks and ledges along the way to try to capture the views. I soon joined the Great North Walk for a bit and was grated by a trail lined with wildflowers. I walked for a while and soon spotted a lovely view through the trees. The trail would take me by it so I stayed on track and I was not disappointed! This loop had some of the most amazing views I have seen so far in the area and coupled with the sunset it was just spectacular. The wildflowers also seemed to shine in the fading light as their colours shifted subtly. It was pure magic. I snapped a few pics.

As I was losing daylight I hurried back along the trail, popped out on Turner Rd and road walked my way back to where I had started. All up I walked 8.7km in 2hrs. I think that if I just drove to the trailhead and did this loop at the same time as the loop from last week then I would have a very lovely walk to take guests on.

I’m walking to raise funds for OneSight to provide eye care for kids and others in disadvantaged areas. Please donate, every little bit counts and it is headed somewhere worthwhile. Click here. Thank you in advance!

Oh, if you are interested I have also set up a dedicated instagram account @solo_hiker

Thank you for reading!



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