I Just Had An Article Published in Bushwalk Australia!

Well I’m feeling quite chuffed! I just had an article about my blog published in the latest issue of Bushwalk Australia Emag! Check out page 44 on the link below!

Bushwalk Australia: A Blogger’s Journey

I know many of my readers also keep a blog. I’d love to hear your story as to why you created it and what keeps you going!




19 thoughts on “I Just Had An Article Published in Bushwalk Australia!

  1. Wow Nathan!! That’s amazing, congratulations! – I keep a blog, yes. I have this one, for my 12 Hike challenging documentation, and another “Healing and Rebuilding” which is more Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality based. What keeps me going is how much I enjoy writing, it’s a release for me. A form of Meditation. Also the fact that even if only a few people read it, it’s in the hopes of it’ll cross paths with those who need it. You’re great, Nathan. I love reading your blogs. Keep it up. Xo

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  2. Wow that’s pretty cool! I started my blog “fromperthtoperu” so I could record our family adventures, keep tabs on all my day hikes around Perth, and for a little hobby to do while I had a newborn baby in my arms (I used to write a lot during sleepless nights lol). Congrats on being published!

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    1. Ha! I can relate! Many of my earlier blogs were written in the sleepless hours between infant wake ups! I’ve read a few of your adventures and just noticed you have done the routeburn track so I’ll have to give that a read.
      Thank you!

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  3. Congratulations Nathan! What an incredible achievement, keep up the great work. I do enjoy reading about your journey and all the interesting places you find yourself.

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    1. Thank you. It was fantastic to be approached by the magazine to write it. They’ve offered to me to write another article based on one of my walks so I might just do that in the future (if I can find somewhere that they haven’t covered recently).

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  4. Wow! Good on ya 🙂 I run my own outdoor/travel/lifestyle blog and I only started a few months ago. I wanted something to express my interests and share them with other people. The main reason was that I wanted to make myself spend more time outdoors which worked out so well. I found so many great places around the Sydney area or on my travels. Probably wouldn’t have found them without my blog. Feel free to stop by and have a read!


    1. I agree, having a blog pushes you to find new and interesting places.
      I had a read of the Dorigo National Park post – those trees were amazing. I’ll have a read of you photography post soon too. Having an Instagram account pushes you to be a better photographer! I just probably take too many pictures! Very nice blog. I’ll keep following and I look forward to seeing where it takes you!

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      1. Thank you so much for your feedback! I’m happy you like it. Haha yeah I know the struggle with Instagram. I have millions of pictures on my phone and laptop now. Happy to keep you updated 🙂


  5. Enjoying your posts! I started my blog – http://www.fromswamptosummit.com (on WordPress) – in 2014 to keep my friends updated on my climb up Mt Elbrus in Russia. When I got back down, I realized I had enjoyed writing the blog so much I didn’t want to stop. It’s been a great way to chronicle the adventures of a Florida flatlands climbing mountains and trekking!


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