12 Hike Challenge 2019!

I had such a great time doing my 12 Hike challenge in 2018 so I’ll definitely do it again this year!

My list:

1. Go North – I’d like to extend my travels from the end of the great North Walk to Nelson’s bay. Overnighter. I’d essentially follow the Federation Track North route. I’ll seek an alternative if return transport is an issue.

2. Go South– Otford to Wollongong either overnight or split into two walks. This is a section of the proposed Great South Coast Walk. I can work my way down this full 660km route over many years and have already done the Bundeena to Otford section (The Coast Track).

3. An urban hike– I’d like to connect the end of the great North Walk to the start of The Coast Track (Cronulla). I would likely follow the route of the Great Coastal Walk, Federation Track South route, or try a route of my own. Likely over two days. Failing that, any urban walk that’s interesting will do.

4. A lighthouse Walk

5. A new national park or reserve. Visit somewhere new.

6. A long trail (>30km) Harbour to Hawkesbury track or Six Foot Track are likely candidates.

7. Bag a Trig– Hike to a trig point

8. Geocaching: Find a box in the bush

9. A Heritage trail (Canberra?)

10. Aboriginal site – likely in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

11. A waterfall walk. This cannot be a repeat of any of 2018 walks!

12. A new view. A lookout or summit view that is new to me.

This year I am adding some options to swap out any of the above.

Option: Hike to read. Hike to a nice spot and settle down with a good book for an hour.

Option: Overland Track

Option: Any overseas walk!

Option: A return to the snowy mountains

I think that’s a fairly packed plan for the year! If I do items 1-3 I will have connected Nelson’s Bay in the north to Wollongong in the south which would be a lovely chunk of Australia to have marked on the map! Let’s see if I can do it!

About the 12 Hike Challenge

The idea is to create a list of twelve achievable hikes or hiking themes. At least once per month I/you shall head out on a hike, each one different in length of trail, destination and level of challenge. There is no need to complete them in any particular order, the goal is to make it fit into my/your life without pressure. The aim is to have variety and reward.

The rules:

-There must be at least one hike per month for twelve months. Doesn’t need to start in January, any twelve month period will do. The idea is to get out there regularly. There may be twenty or thirty in total if eager.

-Multiple goals cannot be combined into one hike – there must be twelve seperate hikes even if the criteria have been met on another walk. It’s more fun this way!

– There are no distance requirements for each hike. An overnight hike can be 5km or 30km. The destination, time and personal abilities will decide.- Leave No Trace principals must be followed.

– Hikes can be challenging but should not exceed abilities. A safe hike is a fun hike.

Why not take on the 12 Hike Challenge yourself?

5 thoughts on “12 Hike Challenge 2019!

  1. You can add the ferry from Nelson Bay to Tea Gardens, then walk up through Myall Lakes NP to Seal Rocks (great camps at Mungo Brush, Johnsons Beach, Shelley Beach and Yagon).
    Also for your list of walks: the Jatbula Track and the Larapinta, both in NT – two unique Australian highlights. But winter or close to winter only!


    1. Yeah it would be good to just keep extending the walk north and south.
      I really want to do the Larapinta – doubt I’ll get there this year but I’d like to start ticking off some of the big ticket trails. Maybe next year.


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