2020 Hiking Plans

With the bushfire crisis easing for now, I feel a little more confident in putting together my plans for this year. That said, The year has started poorly for me. The smoke from the fires has had me indoors due to my, usually mild, asthma and then I was doubled over in pain due to passing a kidney stone (takes 30 days or so to pass). Ah well, I’m on the mend and I’ve been hitting 10000 steps per day this week so I think I can handle a few walks.

This year I will stick to my usual plan of one walk per month, though I intend to leave a lot of flexibility this time.

I intend to walk more of the Federation Track North, a route that essentially extends the Great North Walk much further north. I’ve been in contact with the creator of the route and he has graciously provided his notes as far a Craven, another 182 kilometres from the end of the Great North Walk. I’ve already walked 30km from Newcastle to Anna bay, along Stockton Beach and visiting the amazing Tin City. So one of my walks will be to connect Anna Bay to Nelson’s Bay. Then over one or two trips I’ll head toward Craven (I’ll need to work out transport so might not get all the way there or might go a bit further – still need to plan those details). There is more to the route beyond that, another ~400km, but I’ll get to that another time.

I’d also like complete the harbour to Hawkesbury track. I’ve walked from Berowra to Turramurra and I’ve walked the Spit to Manly walk, so now I just need to fill in the ~25km left in the middle. I might consider walking the whole thing but really I’d rather focus on seeing something new rather than walk the same ground over and over.

One walk I really want to tick off this year is the Flint and Steel Bay walk in Kuringai Chase. It would be a good one to take the kids on as they could have a play on the beach.

Lastly there are some coastal walks I’d like to do. Coogee to La Peruse, to finish off that part of the coastline. Circular Quay to Watson’s Bay will finish of the last bit of Sydney Harbour that lies to the east of the bridge. There may be more as my sister is also wanting to do some coastal walks so I’ll likely join her for one or two.

I think this is a very achievable plan that gives plenty of variety. I’m looking forward to getting started! I’d also love to know what you are planning this year – please leave a comment below (or a link to your blog) – I’m always looking out for new ideas!


5 thoughts on “2020 Hiking Plans

  1. Sounds like a great variety! I’m doing two long distance trails in the US this year (Arizona & Colorado), but also hope to mix it up with some smaller walks to add more terrain variety in between. Have a great 2020!

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  2. It has been terribly sad to hear about all the bush fires in Australia! I’m glad to hear that the situation seems to be abating, at least somewhat, and it is good to hear that it isn’t ruining your hiking plans! Good deal!

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    1. It was nearly impossible to get out when the fires were on, though I did manage to do a few short geocaching adventures with my son. We have a week of rain ahead of us and everyone is cheering that it’s happening but at the same time they remember that they don’t actually like being rained on !


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