With the rain comes waterfalls!

After months of dry hot days dangerous days, the rains have finally come! Itching to get out, I decided to head down to the local waterfall. I wasn’t disappointed. I took a few short videos along the way so hope you enjoy!

The trail was a little overgrown as folks were presumably less likely to walk to a waterfall that had not been flowing. I bashed my way along getting covered in tree rain along the way.

The state of the trail
The trail down to the waterfall

I noticed a number of pieces of carrot and sweet potato scattered in the bush. There was also a pvc water tube and a water bowl. Seems someone has been looking after the local wallabies during the recent heatwave.

Food and water for the wallabies

I could hear the roar of the waterfall as I approached. It was amazing! The creek was in full flow and careening over the edge! I climbed down to the bottom to get a full front on view. The usual rocky floor had disappeared completely beneath the water and I could only look on from atop a large rock to one side. The water met up with a second creek, that was seldom more than a trickle, and flowed away down the valley towards its eventual meeting with Berowra Creek.

Waterfall and I
Full flow!
Last time I was here it was a trickle
Over the edge
Over the edge
The firetrail
Berowra bush
Berowra bush

I felt amazing after this walk. It was incredibly uplifting to see the creeks coming alive again. It was exactly what I needed.


11 thoughts on “With the rain comes waterfalls!

    1. The number of fires has dropped from 139 to 88 and falling. It’s fantastic. There is another pulse of heat next week but this rain will help immensely. I think it’s still tough down south in Victoria- one of the mountain areas has been evacuated. But yes it feels great to have some relief


  1. I live in Hornsby and desperately want to photograph some waterfalls without having to travel to the Blue Mountains. Can you give specifics of where to find the fall please? And any others in the area?

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    1. Sure. For this one go to the end of Warrina St in Berowra Heights and enter the Warrina fire trail. Walk for ~1km along the wide fire trail until you reach what looks like a dead end with some power lines. On you right you will see a rough track through the trees. Follow this down until you reach the creek. You are at the top of the waterfall and can reach the bottom by clambering down the path/boulders on the left side. Best just after rain.
      There are other waterfalls up at Somersby and Girrakool on the central coast. I’d also recommend a visit to the cascades as turramurra there is a track called the cascades track and it quite striking (flat cascades rather than a tall waterfall but worth it especially after the rain)


      1. Cannot thank you enough. I have wasted hours on National Parks and Hornsby Council websites. WildWalks is quite a good site, but just couldn’t find the section I needed. And was spending too much time on the computer rather than out there with my camera.

        A million blessings on you and yours !!!

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