Setting up a tent in the rain, with mistakes!

Check out my latest video! I set up my Big Agnes Copper Spur2 tent in the rain for the first time using the fly first method.

I made all the mistakes so you don’t have to! Click the link below

Setting up a tent in the rain, with mistakes !


7 thoughts on “Setting up a tent in the rain, with mistakes!

  1. Thanks for the vid Nathan. I have never thought about setting up in the rain, as I only do overnighters in good weather. But definitely worth knowing if I ever get stuck. Thanks!

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  2. Nice video! I’ve read that it is possible to do this but wondered about the procedures involved (not enough to do what you did though!). Thanks for going through the process. I’m now inspired to try this out with my Big Agnes Tiger Wall. I sympathize about having the fly inside out. On a family camping trip many years ago I set our tent up with the fly reversed and it rained all night with the obvious consequences. My daughters, to this day, have never let me forget my mistake!

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  3. Hey Nathan! Well done! I’ve done it in heavy rain. It sort of works. I actually got inside the tent and reached around through the door to clip it in. Same tent. It worked. I put my pack in the vestibule. I stayed relatively dry. I friend suggested that I use my micro lite towel inside after I was in to dry the footprint. That also helped. I love that you did this for the first time for us. I also love that your fly was inside out!!! I’ve done that lots!!! Happy Trails. Doug


  4. Well let’s just say I’m hoping to keep avoiding setting up in the rain! Someone else suggested rolling the ground sheet and fly up so that they were ready and didn’t get the ground sheet soaked. I dunno. Will be interesting to find out what I actually do in a heavy downpour. I reckon I’ll just throw it all down quickly, ground then inner then fly then drop my bag on it to stop it flying away while I organise the piles. I reckon I’ll make a mess of it regardless!

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