2021 Solo Hiker’s Year in Review

Despite it being a covid year I somehow managed to get out and about, even interstate, to do a few walks! Many were family walks but I did get a few good solo hikes in too.

The year started with a wonderful hike with my daughter to the highest point in Australia. It was a lovely challenge for both us us. Climbing Mt Kosciouzko with my Daughter!

I also did some urban hiking with my family on Sydney’s Cockatoo island. We did one of the new Adventure Labs tours which was a heritage tour mixed with geocaching. Really fun. Urban Hiking on Cockatoo Island using Adventure Labs

My family also surprised me with a trip to Natural Bridge at Springbrook national park. This features a wonderful walk to visit a waterfall falling inside a cave! Natural Bridge and Springbrook National Park.

I explored the central coast, north of Sydney, a bit. There were some wonderful Egyptian style Glyphs hidden in a rock crevice that was a fantastic little adventure. Well worth doing with the kids. Exploring the Gosford Glyphs

I also decided to climb and walk a ridge on a way-too-hot day. Some nice views, an engraving and a wildlife encounter. A very hot, very steep hike along Koolewong Ridge

I’ve also started section hiking a new long trail, the Great South Coast Walk. I had previously walked the first part,The Coast track in Sydney’s royal National park, Great South Coast Walk: The Coast Track Royal National Park. I decided to carry on with a walk along the Illawarra escarpment Great South Coast Walk: Illawarra Escarpment followed later in the year with a lovely flat section into Wollongong Great South Coast Walk: Austinmer to Wollongong. So aside from a small gap between Otford and Stanwell Park I’ve walked the first stage. I’d like to carry on and finish the whole thing eventually though I’ll need to skip some water crossings with not being a confident swimmer.

I also did the Rail to River walk near Chatswood, which I didn’t really rate Rail to River Walk Chatswood. And few few small walks in Berowra Pick a spot on a map and go! The edge of Muogamarra Nature Reserve

The rail to river walk
In the Berowra bush

I’ve been doing a bit of filming for YouTube, though it’s really more for me I do like sharing in that format so maybe I’ll try a few different things. I decided to share my bumbling effort to set up a tent in the rain: Setting up a tent in the rain, with mistakes! (Blog link). The actual YouTube link is here

I also gave in and let my kids set up a positive play focussed channel of their own. Yeah! Let’s Go! Geocaching to an old rusty car in the bush! (Blog link). The direct link to the video is here.

Can I plan to walk in 2022? Heck yeah! I just need to be adaptable again. I’m going to try to hit up a few walks on last years list such as the Newnes industrial ruins and Anna Bay to Nelson’s Bay. But I think I’ll find time to walk from Wollongong to Kiama at least, along the Great South Coast Walk. I’d like to hit up an interstate trail too and I have thoughts on what it should be but I’ll share that closer to the time.

My blog managed to attract more 3% visitors than last year despite minimal new content, though the number of views was 5% lower. I wasn’t widely sharing it. Folks seem to like the Great North Walk posts so I’m thinking that the Great South Coast Walk may provide something new and interesting for people to enjoy. Thank you all for reading and commenting- it really is lovely to hear from you. If anyone has ideas for places to visit please let me know in the comments. Happy new year!


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