Pick a spot on a map and go! The edge of Muogamarra Nature Reserve

Here’s a few photos from a little adventure last month. I was interested in exploring a gully at the edge of Muogamarra Nature Reserve (without entering the reserve which is permit only). I plotted a rough path to take me down to the water but there was a steep section on the map that I was a little concerned about.

I joined The Great North Walk via Turner Rd firetrail in Berowra then walked until I reach the point I’d marked on the map to go off track. It was quite overgrown so I walked back and forth a bit trying to find the best route before finally taking the plunge.

I crunched through some very tall grass and was quite slow as I was examining every footstep to ensure I didn’t crunch a snake!

I didn’t see a snake but there were plenty of spiders and webs. I decided to move over to a rocky area and clamber over that instead and that really helped me pick up a little pace. I paused to take photos of the route so I could find my way back (a little redundant as I was recording the track in my Maps3D app).

My progress forward was cut short though as I met up with a decent sized cliff. This was the steep section I saw on the map. I was slightly off the route I had planned by a few hundred meters and I thought that if I rejoined that route exactly then I would be able to carry on down to the water.

But it was pretty where I was so I sat and took in the view. It was quite peaceful and I was happy with where I had ended up so I decided I didn’t really need to go any further. That can be an adventure for another day.

I turned around and found I was retracing the route back almost exactly, the trees and webs mysteriously guiding me back along the same path.

When I rejoined the trail there was an open lookout that gave a very similar view with far less effort! Still, it had been a fun little afternoons bush bash.

I made a little video here A Berowra Bushbash : Off the Great North Walk

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