Hiking Training! Getting back into shape

Well, I’ve struggled a lot whilst walking lately. Constantly out of breath, slow and achy. Two years of COVID and half a year of bushfires have given me the excuse to do shorter, less frequent walks and my motivation has fallen to an all time low. I’m overweight and feeling old! So now I’m trying to do something about it. When I started this blog my first posts were all about hiking training so it’s interesting to be back doing this again.

I’ve been following a YouTuber called “Chase Mountains” for a while as he focusses on exercise routines aimed at building flexibly and strength for hiking. I’ve done some of those routines and can see that they are well targeted. He runs a paid instructional program that I decided to try as I respect his approach. This isn’t a sponsored post. My efforts might fail. But I wanted to put it out there that I’m doing it as I find that putting it out there helps will motivation. It’s said that 90% of motivation is just turning up so I’m hoping posting this will keep me at it. I’m 92kg and should really be around 75-80kg. Will I lose this? Its not really a weight loss routine but the regular activity has to benefit a little I expect. I’ll post an update of this in a few months to let you know how it turned out.

I signed up to his “Elements” program which has a daily movement routine that you can FEEL! I feel my calf muscles, my knees, I can see I’m more flexible on one leg than the other, and am more balanced on one leg than the other. That’s interesting as improving balance will help prevent falls.

There are other routines that build strength. I struggle with this bit and cannot do anywhere near the time that is set for each activity (planks, push ups etc). So I’m doing what I can with the knowledge that if I stick with it I’ll get much better. I feel muscles I haven’t felt in a while! My abs are still there under my donut layer!

There is also some aerobic sessions, which is basically going out for a walk or run or whatever gets you into an aerobic state. I’ve taken up swimming one day a week for now, so that kind of works as one session but it’s not the same as hiking. I need to figure out my schedule so I can make this fit with all my kids activities. Regardless, I’ll keep up with the other sessions as they can all be done from a yoga mat. I’ll blog any interesting walks that I do. If I do local trails that I’ve posted about before I’ll combine into one post. My instagram will have those pictures first.

I’m aching a little right now after this morning’s session which means I really need to keep at it! As I said I’m not advertising this guys program but I am giving it a go as the routine make sense and his approach is both accessible but compels you to achieve. I need that. Let me know in the comments if you’ve found any similar programs that you can do from home. Time to hiking fit again!


7 thoughts on “Hiking Training! Getting back into shape

    1. Thank you. I’ve tried the softly softly approach. Now I just need to work it! I realised I had an issue when I had three days off all to myself with no kids and the best I could muster was a half day walk. I’ll get there. Just came back from a half pack weight walk this evening so I feel I’m getting it together. Thanks for your support and hope you can get out soon too!

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    1. Oh my gosh thanks you Therese! I feel I’m on the right track with this program. Hopefully I don’t burn out and find excuses to stop! At least I hope it will push me back out there and it won’t feel so hard! Thank you for your support!


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